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Visions of Jupiter

Giant Jupiter
Jupiter from Voyager 2
Jupiter and Moons
Jupiter and Io
Jupiter and Ganymede
Crescent Jupiter
Jupiters Clouds
Jupiter's Giant Storms
The Great Red Spot
Storms and Swirls
Map of Jupiter
Io in Orbit
Closeup of Io
Volcanic World Io
Volcanic Plume on Io
Volcanic Eruption on Io
Io Volcano Close-up
Frozen Europa
Europa's Ice Crust
Freckles on Europa
Europa's Chaotic Ice
Giant Moon Ganymede
Ganymede Close-up
Icy Moon Callisto
Callisto Close-up

Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System. Its roiling clouds and churning gases only hint at the mysteries contained within. The great red spot is a gigantic storm twice the size of Earth that had been raging for hundreds of years. Jupiter is like a miniature solar system. It is orbited by an extensive system of moons, each one a unique world unto itself. The images in this gallery have been hand-selected by Sea and Sky for their visual beauty and represent some of the best views ever obtained of the Solar System. Click on an image above to begin a slide show. Use the buttons under each image to navigate through the slide show. You can use the buttons on the left side of this page to select another image gallery and begin a new slide show.