Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who operates Sea and Sky?

My name is J.D. Knight and I am a Graphic Artist and Web designer living in Orlando, Florida. Sea and Sky is a personal Web site I created for the sole purpose of bringing the splendors of the seas and the wonders of the universe to members of the Internet community. I work on this site by myself in the evenings and on weekends. This site represents the work of a single individual and is not formally associated with any entity, company, organization, or institution. Any implied associations are purely unintentional.



How did you come up with the idea for Sea and Sky?

Since my early childhood, I have always been interested in astronomy and the oceans. These two topics form the basis of my two favorite hobbies. I have both a telescope and a saltwater aquarium. When I decided to put together a Web site, I thought it would be a great idea to represent the two topics I know the most about. For more information, please visit the My Sea and My Sky pages. Here you can find photos of my aquarium and pictures I have taken with my telescope.



How is the site maintained and paid for?

I do all of the work on the site myself. I also pay for the Web hosting services out of my own pocket. I do accept sponsorships and ads to help pay for maintaining and operating the site, which tend to be quite expensive. If you are interested in sponsoring this Web site, please contact me at the following email address:



What is the recommended system configuration for Sea and Sky?

Sea and Sky is optimized for a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 and True Color or 24-bit color (16 million colors). The site will work fine with other configurations, but will look much better at the recommended settings.

Sea and Sky makes use of many state-of-the-art Web technologies and is best viewed with the latest versions of the most popular Web browsers at a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher.



Which Web browsers work best with Sea and Sky?

Sea and Sky makes use of the latest Web technologies to ensure a consistent experience across all browsers and computing platforms. However, there are always going to be differences between the various browsers that may make a difference in how the pages look. Sea and Sky has been thoroughly tested with the most popular Web browsers. If you discover problems with the presentation of the pages or experience unusual visual anomalies while browsing this site, you may want to consider downloading the latest version one of the free Web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.



Can you send me more information about . . . ?

As much as I wish I could help everyone find more information about the subjects presented in this Web site, I'm afraid I just don't have any more information to give. Everything I have is already on the Web site. If you need help finding something on the site, use the Search feature by clicking the "Search" button on the Home page or on the menu at the bottom of any page. If you still cannot find what you need, you can try some of the other Web sites listed in the Sea Links or Sky Links sections. These pages contain thousands of links organized by subject matter. Detailed questions about marine life should probably be directed to one of the Marine Research centers. Detailed questions about space and astronomy should be directed to NASA or one of their other offices such as JPL. You may also want to try one of the Internet Search services such as Yahoo or Google.



Can I use information and images from this site for my project?

The design and layout of this site is copyrighted by Sea and Sky. All original images on this site are copyrighted by Sea and Sky as well. Most of the images in the Sky section were obtained from NASA sources and are in the public domain unless otherwise noted. Most images in the Sea section were obtained from clipart collections that I have purchased. The license for these clipart images belongs solely to Sea and Sky and cannot be used by anyone else. These copyright holder will be clearly marked next to the image. You must contact the copyright holder directly for permission to use the images.Some of the images on this site have been graciously provided by photographers that maintain a copyright. All images with a copyright will indicate the name of the copyright holder and will also contain a link to their Web site. All copyrights belong to the photographers and any use of their images must be cleared with the photographer directly. Their are no no exceptions. Images on this site with no copyright notice may be freely used for personal, educational, and most non-commercial purposes. When using these images, credit should be given to Sea and Sky as the source. Information contained within this site may be used for any personal, educational, and most non-commercial purposes as long as Sea and Sky is credited as the source.



Can you place a link to my Web site on Sea and Sky?

We are happy to consider your Web site for an entry on our links page. However, we will only consider linking to sites that have an ocean or space theme. The site must have some educational value and must be safe for all audiences, including children. You can submit your site link to the following email address:

If you suggest a site for a link on Sea and Sky, we will review the site. If we determine that the site meets our qualifications and standards, a link will be placed in the appropriate section of our Sea Links or Space Links pages. If you have an aquarium supply or astronomy supply business, we will consider adding a link to our aquarium vendors or astronomy vendors page. Occasionally, a site may be listed on other pages, depending on the content and its relevance. We are always happy to add links to aquarium and astronomy club. We do not link to travel sites or other businesses not related to aquariums or astronomy.



What is Sea and Sky's Privacy Policy?

Sea and Sky does not currently require visitors to supply personal information in order to use the site. However, it reserves the right to do so in the future, with or without notice, since business models and Internet technologies are rapidly changing. This site does not and will not in the future collect any information about any child under the age of 18. Sea and Sky may utilize "cookie" technology in connection with polls, games, and traffic-use statistics within the site. Sea and Sky may perform statistical analyses of this site to measure visitor acceptance and to gauge relative interest in various parts of the site. We may use your IP address to help diagnose problems with the site, administer the site, and gather broad demographic information. Sea and Sky reserves the right to change these policies at any time. Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted at the Sites. Details of our privacy policy can be found here.



What if I saw something I didn't like on a site listed on the links pages?

Sea and Sky provides hundreds of hyperlinks to other sites on the Web. While every effort is made to verify that each of these is a quality, family-friendly site, Sea and Sky is not responsible for the content of these sites. Any problem with a site linked to by Sea and Sky should be directed to the Webmaster of the site in question. If you should find a serious problem with one of the sites linked to by Sea and Sky, please email me at the following address:



Why can't I get the Java games to work in the Sea Games and Sky Games?

The games on these pages require a Web browser with Java support in order to operate. This is necessary because standard HTML, which is used to create Web pages, does not have the capability to run complex programs such as games. Java is a standard programming language that is supported by all personal computers and most Web browsers.

If you are using Windows XP, you may have to install the Java plugin for your Web browser. Microsoft disabled Java support when they released Windows XP. Installing the Java plugin for your browser is a quick and easy process. Simply follow the directions at this link to install the Java plugin.

If you are using a version of windows other than Windows XP, make sure your Web browser is Java compatible. If it is not, you can download Internet Explorer or Firefox from the Internet for free. If you are using one of these browsers and still cannot get the games to work, check the browser's setup options. Most of them have a setting where Java can be enabled or disabled. Make sure your browser is set to have Java support enabled. If java support is enabled and the games still will not work, check with your system administrator to make sure your network is not preventing Java support through the use of a firewall.



Why can't I get the Flash games to work in the Sea Games and Sky Games?

The games on these pages require a Web browser with Flash support in order to operate. Flash is an animation development package used to create interactive content for the Web. In order to access Flash files with your Web browser, you must install a plugin file for your browser. Installing the plugin is quick and easy. Simply follow the directions at this link to install the Macromedia Flash plugin.