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What is Sea and Sky?

My name is J.D. Knight and I am the sole creator and Webmaster of Sea and Sky. I originally created this site back in 1997 to share my love of the Seas and the Stars with everyone on the Internet. I am a dedicated amateur astronomer and marine aquarium hobbyist. This Web site is also my hobby, and is funded completely by myself and the site's sponsors. I am a professional graphic artist and Web designer here in Orlando, Florida.

I work for a small technology firm where I help create computer-based training products. I also design and maintain Web sites. Over the years, as my knowledge and experience with the Internet has grown, Sea and Sky has grown. This site has been very well received by the educational community and has received a number of distinctive awards. Sea and Sky has been featured in a number of magazines and newspapers around the world, and has also appeared on television. I am committed to maintaining Sea and Sky as a personal, informational Web site dedicated to sharing the splendors of our fragile oceans and the wonders of the universe with all members of the world Internet community.



Plans for the Future

Sea and Sky has a lot of future plans and goals for improving and adding to the site. We are always coming up with new ideas. Unfortunately, the creator of the site mostly works alone on it and time is a limitation that is hard to overcome. All work on Sea and Sky is done in the evenings and weekends. We are bringing new sections of the site online as fast as we can get them created. We would eventually like to turn this site into a true multimedia experience including animation, audio, and video.



Requests for Information

We receive a lot of requests for information from people who visit the site. We always do our best to answer all of the email. However, all of the information we have available to us is already available on the Web site. We try to do our best to find information that is not on the site. However, we have to research this information ourselves and it sometimes takes more time than we have available.

You can usually find the information quicker if you try searching for it on the Internet search services such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Excite, and Ask Jeeves. Copyright fair-use standards allows the images and information on this site to be used for most personal, educational, and non-commercial uses. Credit should be given to the copyright holders. When no copyright information is available, Sea and Sky may be credited as the source.



Copyright Information

The design and layout of this site is copyrighted by Sea and Sky. All original images on this site are copyrighted by Sea and Sky as well. Most of the images in the Sky section were obtained from NASA sources and are in the public domain unless otherwise noted. Most images in the Sea section were obtained from clipart collections that we have purchased. The license for these clipart images belongs solely to Sea and Sky and cannot be used by anyone else. These copyright holder will be clearly marked next to the image. You must contact the copyright holder directly for permission to use the images.

Some of the images on this site have been graciously provided by photographers that maintain a copyright. All images with a copyright will indicate the name of the copyright holder and will also contain a link to their Web site. All copyrights belong to the photographers and any use of their images must be cleared with the photographer directly. Their are no no exceptions.

Images on this site with no copyright notice may be freely used for personal, educational, and most non-commercial purposes. When using these images, credit should be given to Sea and Sky as the source. Information contained within this site may be used for any personal, educational, and most non-commercial purposes as long as Sea and Sky is credited as the source.




Sea and Sky is a personal, informational Web site created for the sole purpose of sharing the splendors of the seas and the wonders of the universe to members of the Internet community. The contents of this site are provided for the purpose of informing only and should not be used as or construed as professional scientific advice.

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