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Seashells & Conchology

This page contains links to websites about sea shells and conchology, including shell clubs, shell collecting, shell dealers, and shell publications. These links are provided by Sea and Sky as a courtesy to our visitors in an attempt to make these resources easy to find and use. By clicking on the links below, you will leave the Sea and Sky site. Sea and Sky is not responsible for the content of these external sites. Problems with these external links should be reported to the Sea and Sky administrator.

  • Broward Shell Club
    The Broward Shell Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the studies of malacology and conchology. Since 1962, the Club has been active in education, conservation and preservation of mollusks.

  • Jacksonville Shell Club
    The Jacksonville Shell Club was organized and incorporated as a non-profit educational organization five years later. Most of the members live in and around Duval County, but the membership includes those with similar interests throughout the country.

  • Jersey Cape Shell Club
    The mission of the Jersey Shell Club is to explore the study, conservation, history, and science of seashells, mollusks, and other marine life, and to encourage shell-related interests of collecting, exhibiting, and crafting with shells.

  • San Diego Shell Club
    The San Diego Shell club is a non-profit organization that promotes education and scientific study of Mollusca and other marine life to further their conservation through lectures, club meetings and field trips.

  • Sarasota Shell Club
    The Sarasota Shell Club was formed to bring together shell lovers in Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte Counties. They encourage anyone who wishes to enjoy and share their interest in or love of shells and mollusks.

  • The Baily-Matthews National Shell Museum
    A shell museum featuring more than 30 exhibits of mollusks from around the world. Exhibits are devoted to shells in art and history, shell habitat, rare specimens, fossil shells, common Southwest Florida shells, and more.

  • Conchologists of America
    Conchologists of America is an international organization for anyone with an interest in shells and mollusks, an interest which may include study and collecting of shells as well as their conservation.

  • Conchology: The Art and Science of Nature
    A Web site designed for shell collectors with a variety of interests in the hobby and science of conchology, and for anyone who has ever been fascinated with the beauty and diversity of sea and land shells.

  • I Love Shelling
    Guide to find seashells, conch shells, and sand dollars. Includes information about how and where to collect and tips on beach combing on Sanibel, Captiva, Southwest Florida Islands in Lee County.

  • Seashell Collector
    Information about seashell collecting, with articles, pictures, and living shells in water tanks. Written by collectors, for collectors. Site available in both English and French.

  • Seashells.org
    This site is devoted to the answering of all your questions you might have about seashells, beachcombing, cleaning seashells, preserving sealife, identifying your seashells, and more.

  • Conchology, Inc.
    Conchology, Inc. is a company specializing in specimen seashells, operating in the Philippines. Their primary function is to provide collections worldwide, private or public, with well documented specimen shells.

  • Shell Horizons, Inc.
    Shell Horizons the largest sea shell wholesaler in the United States. Their online catalog features over 500 different products with easy phone and fax ordering.

  • Top Sea Shells
    From rare shells to garden variety ones, Top Sea Shell specializes in supplying Philippine Seashells. They work together with suppliers from all over to supply a greater variety of shells at more reasonable prices than many others.

  • U.S. Shell, Inc.
    U. S. Shell is the largest wholesale distributor of seashells across the world. They import and exporter of all kinds of shells including abalones, coral, starfish, sand dollars, tritons, and more.

  • The Cone Collector
    The Cone Collector is an online publication devoted to the collection of cones and cone shells. Features in-depth articles and photos made available for free online in pdf format.

  • Conch Books
    Conch Books id a new and used book dealer that specializes in books about recent and fossil Mollusca and other marine invertebrates.

  • Strombus
    Strombus is a publication of the (Conchologists of Brazil, publishing original scientific articles on all aspects of Malacology: systematics, paleontology, evolution, physiology, ecology, and behavior.