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The sea is a place of unimaginable beauty. When we first went beneath the waves, we saw amazing sights. Coral reefs have provided nature with a perfect laboratory to experiment with shapes and colors. And these sights reveal themselves in the breathtaking creatures that inhabit these "rainforests of the sea". But there were limits to how deep we could go. As technology improved, we were able to dive deeper and stay longer. Scuba equipment allowed researchers to stay underwater for hours at a time. As we went deeper, we continued to find life. Submersible vehicles took us to even deeper places that divers could not access. Eventually, we reached the bottom of the sea and to our surprise we still found life; strange and bizarre life unlike anything we had ever seen. But new discoveries await. We have spent less time exploring the deep sea that we have exploring the Moon. Sea and Sky's Sea Image Galleries feature some of the most beautiful and breathtaking images of undersea life. Select one of the galleries below to begin exploring the wonders of the sea.

Gallery 1 - Coral Reef   Gallery 1 - Coral Reef
Gallery 2 - Invertebrates   Gallery 2 - Invertebrates
Gallery 3 - Reef Fishes   Gallery 3 - Reef Fishes
Gallery 4 - Unusual Fishes   Gallery 4 - Unusual Fishes
Gallery 5 - Sea Stars   Gallery 5 - Sea Stars
Gallery 6 - Tentacles   Gallery 6 - Tentacles
Gallery 7 - Reefscapes   Gallery 7 - Reefscapes
Gallery 8 - Deep Sea   Gallery 8 - Deep Sea