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Ocean Art & Images

This page contains links to ocean art and ocean images websites, including ocean sounds, marine art galleries, marine artists, commercial photo galleries, and non-commercial photo galleries. These links are provided by Sea and Sky as a courtesy to our visitors in an attempt to make these resources easy to find and use. By clicking on the links below, you will leave the Sea and Sky site. Sea and Sky is not responsible for the content of these external sites. Problems with these external links should be reported to the Sea and Sky administrator.

  • Discovery of Sound in the Sea
    The Discovery of Sound in the Sea website will introduce you to the science and uses of sound in the sea. Features and audio gallery with underwater sounds of marine animals, human activities, and natural phenomena such as lightning, earthquakes, and rain.

  • NOAA's Sound in the Sea Gallery
    Official NOAA site featuring a selection of audio files that were recorded underwater, related video and animation products, and several spectograms and other images of ocean sound.

  • Voices in the Sea
    Scripps Whale Acoustic Lab presents Voices in the Sea. This site features images and information about a large number of marine mammals along with recordings of their underwater sounds.

  • American Society of Marine Artists
    Recognizes and promotes marine art and history, and encourages cooperation among artists, historians, and enthusiasts. The website includes an image gallery and an artist index.

  • Wade Koniakowsky - Art Inspired by the Sea
    A fine art gallery featuring paintings by artist Wade Koniakowsky. Features artwork for sale from impressionist landscape paintings to Polynesian surfboard art.

  • Wyland Galleries
    Fine art gallery featuring original artworks by world renowned marine artist Wyland. Features artworks for sale including paintings, prints, lithographs, sculptures, and wearable art.

  • Belinda Leigh Galleries
    Belinda Leigh is a noted Hawaiian artist specializing in seascapes, landscapes and marine art, fine art of Hawaii, dolphin paintings, Hawaii seascapes, Hawaii landscapes, dolphin art, whale paintings, and more.

  • Deep Impressions by Kim & Kay Vaudin
    Underwater paintings and prints by Plymouth-based artists Kim and Kay Vaudin. Features high-quality paintings of marine life and marine environments.

  • Guy Harvey Marine Art
    Official website for renowned marine artist Guy Harvey. Features original art prints, lithographs, posters, clothing, footwear, jewelry, and other gifts.

  • Maui Art by David Miller
    Wall art by marine artist David Miller. Features a gallery of amazing and colorful paintings of seascapes, marine life, window paintings, and beach paintings.

  • Art of Christian Lassen
    Official website for world renowned marine artist Christian Lassen, known around the globe for his unique ability to embody the brilliant light and shimmering colors of our amazing world.

  • Robert Lyn Nelson Studios
    Official website for renowned marine artist Robert Lyn Nelson, best-known for his paintings of marine wildlife, including those in his "Two Worlds" style, which simultaneously shows life above and below the surface of the sea.

  • Wyland Marine Art
    The official website of world renowned marine life artist, Wyland, best known for his 100 Whaling Walls, large outdoor murals featuring images of life-size whales, and other sea life.

  • Cathy Church's Underwater Gallery
    Official site for award-winning marine photographer Cathy Church. Features several photo galleries of amazing images of marine life and coral reefs from the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

  • Oceanwide Images
    Oceanwide Images Stock Photo Library is a commercial stock photography site offering nature underwater & wildlife photos from Australia, America, Africa, Asia & the Pacific Ocean.

  • Natural History Photography by Phillip Colla
    Stock images by natural history photographer Phillip Colla. Includes underwater images of sea life and marine mammals, landscape images, and wildlife pictures.

  • Marty Wolf Photo Gallery
    A commercial photo gallery featuring images by photographer Marty Wolf. Includes hundreds of images of marine life, sunsets, seashores, beaches, flowers, and wildlife.

  • Dante Fenolio Photography
    Official website of professional nature photographer, Dante Fenolio. Features a photo gallery of images including some of the amazing and unusual creatures that live in the deep sea.

  • Fabio Ehrengruber Underwater Photography
    Breathtaking underwater photographs from Southern California Coast and the Caribbean, including Catalina Island, Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Bonaire, Aruba, Roatan and Belize. Includes fish, corals, and amazing sea life images.

  • Sergio Sarta Underwater Photography
    Stunning underwater photography by marine photographer Sergio Sarta. Features image galleries of marine life, coral reefs, marine mammals, shipwrecks, and more.

  • NOAA Flickr Photo Library
    Official NOAA photo gallery on FLICKR featuring hundreds of breathtaking marine life images from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Most images in this collection are public domain and royalty free.

  • NOAA Photo Library
    Photo gallery featuring hundreds of underwater and marine life images from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Most images in this collection are public domain and royalty free.

  • Poppe Images
    Poppe Images documents the Marine Life in the Philippines. The site contains a fast growing library of thousands of digital pictures of nearly every species of marine life found in the waters of the Philippines.

  • Vito L. Russo Underwater Photography
    A gallery of underwater images by underwater photographer Vito L. Russo. Features beautiful, high-resolution images of fish and other marine life in an interactive photo gallery.