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 Saltwater Aquarium Guide

Whether you are a serious marine aquarium hobbyist or are just interested in learning about the aquarium hobby, Sea and Sky's Saltwater Aquarium Guide provides a wide variety of aquarium help and aquarium information. Here you will find help with setting up an aquarium, aquarium software links, a glossary of aquarium terms, information about equipment, and much more. You can use the menu at left to navigate through this section of the site.

We are currently putting together an aquarium photo gallery. If you have any aquarium pictures that you would like us to publish online, please send an e-mail with the pictures and any information you would like to have included and we will consider adding them to the gallery.

Glossary of Aquarium Terms   Glossary of Aquarium Terms
Our glossary of aquarium terms contains definitions for some of the most common words used in the hobby of aquarium keeping, including both freshwater and saltwater.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What kind of aquarium should I get? How much light do I need? What kind of fish can I have? This page contains answers to some of the most common questions encountered in the aquarium hobby.
Aquarium Setup and Maintenance   Aquarium Setup & Maintenance
Marine aquariums can be a rewarding hobby. But there is a lot to learn for those who are just starting out. Our aquarium setup and maintenance page will help guide you through the process.
Aquarium Equipment Guide   Aquarium Equipment Guide
When is comes to equipment, there are a lot of choices available to today's marine aquarium hobbyist. Let our aquarium equipment guide take the guess work out of choosing the right equipment.
Aquarium Diseases & Pests   Aquarium Diseases & Pests
The aquarium hobby can sometimes be frustrating due to the introduction of unwanted diseases and pests. Our aquarium diseases and pests page will help you identify problems and find solutions.
Aquarium Clubs & Organizations   Aquarium Clubs & Organizations
Many people in the aquarium hobby like to share the experience with others. You can learn a lot from your fellow hobbyists. We have a list of nearly every aquarium club and organization in the U.S.
Public Aquarium Listing   Public Aquarium Listing
Public aquariums can help bring the wonders of the ocean world to everyone. Our public aquarium listing contains links to every public aquarium facility located in the United States.
Aquarium Software   Aquarium Software
Aquarium software can help make the job of maintaining a saltwater aquarium easier. Our aquarium software list contains links for popular software programs, mobile apps, and fun screensavers.
Aquarium Photo Gallery   Aquarium Photo Gallery
Marine aquariums represent a living work of art for those who engage in this fascinating hobby. Our aquarium photo gallery features images of amazing aquariums submitted by our visitors.
Aquarium Supplies and Vendors   Aquarium Suppliers and Vendors
Finding the right equipment for the home aquarium hobby can be difficult if you don't know where to look. Our aquarium suppliers and vendors list contains links to popular supplier and vendor websites.
Aquarium Resources   Aquarium Resources
The aquarium hobby can seem complicated for beginners. Good information can be hard to find. Our aquarium resources page can help by recommending the most popular of information for the hobby.
My Sea: My Aquarium Hobby   My Sea: My Aquarium Hobby
On the My Sea page, the creator of Sea and Sky shares his experience in the aquarium hobby and also shares some of his favorite aquarium photographs taken over the years.