Deep Sea SubmersibleAfter a journey of several hours, your robot submarine has reached the deep ocean where light can no longer penetrate. It is pitch black outside, and the temperature is near freezing. The pressure outside the sub is intense and it seems as if nothing could survive here. But as you peer out the window of you sub, you notice that the darkness is penetrated occasionally by brief flashes of light. This is bioluminescence, produced by the creatures that inhabit the shadowy realm of the deep sea.


Your submarine's lights have revealed the creatures below. Click on each of the images to bring up an information screen from the computer's database. You may return to this screen at any time and continue searching. You may also access each of the creatures directly by clicking their names below.

Deep Sea Creature Menu Coelacanth Nautilus Sixgill Shark Vampire Squid Oarfish Hatchetfish Fangtooth Viperfish Hagfish Anglerfish Dragonfish Giant Tube Worm Snipe Eel Lanternfish Giant Isopod Gulper Eel Firefly Squid Giant Squid Sperm Whale