April Constellations

The eight April constellations include such popular groups as Hydra, the sea serpent, Leo, the lion, and Ursa Major, the great bear. Ursa Major is a large constellation that includes what may be the most famous constellation in the sky, the Big Dipper. The April sky contains a number of fascinating Messier objects including a large number of galaxies, both spiral and irregular. Leo contains five galaxies and Ursa Major contains five as well. Ursa Major is also home to the famous Owl Nebula, a planetary nebula formed when an old star ejected large amounts of mater into space. Click on any constellation below for more information.


The Air Pump


The Chamaeleon


The Cup


The Sea Serpent


The Lion

Leo Minor

The Lion Cub


The Sextant

Ursa Major

The Great Bear