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Aquarium Software

Our aquarium software page contains links to sites with computer software for marine aquarium hobbyists. These programs include useful aquarium maintenance utilities as well as mobile apps and screensavers. Some of the paid programs have free demo versions available for download.

Each entry contains a description of the software type as well as the last known price. Please read the online information on each publisher's site for more detailed information. These aquarium software links are provided for informational purposes only. Sea and Sky does not necessarily endorse these products.

  • AquaLog
    Platform: Windows      Cost: Free      Demo: N/A
    Aqualog is a Microsoft Windows application that can be used to monitor and log any number of marine, reef, or freshwater aquariums. It is designed for both hobbyist and professional use, providing a convenient way to track water test results, maintenance items (such as water changes and chemical additions), and to keep an annotated log of observations. Click the image to the right to see a screen shot of the main AquaLog screen.

  • AquaLot
    Platform: Windows      Cost: Free      Demo: N/A
    AquaLot is the leading professional aquarium software. It can record and quickly manage all events and processes associated with your aquarium. The program is designed for all aquarists. It is suitable for all levels of user from those with only one aquarium at home to breeders with several breeding and show tanks. Features include stock management, events, tasks statistics, species menu, and contacts. The freeware version will track a single tank and includes standard features.

  • LibreAquarium
    Platform: Windows, Mac OS X       Cost: Free      Demo: N/A
    LibreAquarium is an Aquarium management system with a Simulation Model Engine (SME) that makes a prediction of the possible measurement values for the different pollutants that affect to these aquatics systems (NO3,PO4, Fe). The simulator consults the recorded analysis to calculate a prediction of the NO3, PO4, Fe, that the these aquatic system produce. It also uses a central (fish, plant and invertebrates) database to check if the actual parameters are OK, depending on the species that live in the Aquarium.

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  • AquaLot Professional
    Platform: Windows XP and above       Cost: $30.00      Demo: Free version available for trial
    AquaLot is the leading professional aquarium software. It can record and quickly manage all events and processes associated with your aquarium. The program is designed for all aquarists. It is suitable for all levels of user from those with only one aquarium at home to breeders with several breeding and show tanks. All though a freeware version is available, the professional version will track multiple aquariums and customizable events, income and expenses, an enhanced database, and stock management for an unlimited number of tanks.

  • AquarioGuest
    Platform: Windows XP and above       Cost: $46.00      Demo: Free demo available
    The secret of a successful marine aquarium is to record and track the tank life. The AquarioGest software simplifies you the maintenance saving all events and vital information of your marine and reef aquarium. Available as both a stand-alone application on CD and a live online version.

  • Aquarium Lab
    Platform: Windows XP and above       Cost: $24.95      Demo: 30-day trial download available
    Aquarium Lab allows you to keep track of you aquarium like a scientist, no degree needed. The program is built for easy data entry, and supports multiple fresh and saltwater aquariums simultaneously. It is a complete aquarium tracking software package for Windows that will help you maintain healthy aquarium conditions.

  • Aquarix
    Platform: Windows XP and above       Cost: $31.00      Demo: 30-day trial demo available
    Aquarix is a program to control every aspect of your aquarium. By using it, you will be able to collect data about the breeding, water changes, light and Discus changing, etc. This program will allow you to write down details about your aquarium, such as the filters and pumps installed (quantity, power, dates), and data about the lights and heat devices you have put in your aquarium.

  • Doctor Aquarium
    Platform: Windows 2000 and above       Cost: $59.00      Demo: Trial download available
    Doctor Aquarium is an innovative aquarium automation assistant that will help you with the most challenging repetitive aquarium tasks automatically. Doctor Aquarium monitors the health of your aquarium and takes actions so it will not get sick. No one can watch over their aquarium all the time. Every one, gets a little lazy and negligent with their aquarium chores, and then disaster can follow. If you are sleeping, away at work or enjoying your vacation, Doctor Aquarium can save the life of your aquarium! even when you are not there.

  • Maquarium
    Platform: Mac OS 10.5 or higher       Cost: $24.00      Demo: Trial download available
    Maquarium is aquarium management software for the novice or expert fish keeper. It allows users to track chemicals, schedule tasks, keep notes, analyze expenses and manage inventory. Maquarium features a built-in database that contains information which helps you track and maintain the delicate needs of each fish, plant, coral and invertebrate in the tank. Furthermore, Maquarium helps the novice by warning of dangerously high chemical values and the recommended course of treatment. It also allows experts to set up custom warning values. Maquarium is a must have for all fish hobbyists.

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  • Aquaplanner
    Platform: iPhone & iPad      Cost: $0.99, $2.99      Demo: N/A
    AquaPlanner is the only aquarium maintenance scheduling app with notifications in the App Store. It is available for iPhones, iPods, and iPads. AquaPlanner Pro has unlimited aquariums, notifications, notes, water analysis logging, graphing, inhabitants, and equipment. AquaPlanner Lite provides notifications for 1 aquarium, up to 20 alerts, 10 inhabitants, and 10 pieces of equipment. If you need support for multiple aquariums or wish to not see adds download aquaPlanner Pro.

  • Aquarimate
    Platform: iPhone      Cost: $0.99, $2.99      Demo: N/A
    When it comes to maintaining our aquariums, we all want to stay organized and perform the routine husbandry tasks properly. After all, this is the key to success in maintaining any aquariums. We always keep track of tank parameters and changes in health, growth, color changes, diseases, etc., to make sure our ecosystem is healthy and thriving. In our busy life, sometimes, we find it difficult to remember the progress of all the livestock in our tanks and when something goes wrong, we try to find the cause by referring to our not so good memory to remember our activities and the progress to determine the cause of the problem. Aquarimate is a comprehensive mobile app that is built to help all aquarists, whether hobbyist or professional, to maintain their tanks properly.

  • Aqua Tracker
    Platform: iPhone & iPad      Cost: $1.99      Demo: N/A
    Track the water parameters for your Saltwater Aquariums. App features all the major parameters to track (Ph, Calcium, Nitrate, Magnesium, Temperature, Alkalinity, Nitrites, Nitrogen, Salinity, Ammonia and Phosphates). You also have two custom fields to use for tracking any other parameter you might want to track.

  • My Aquarium Logger
    Platform: Android     Cost: $2.99      Demo: N/A
    This is a logging app for all types of saltwater coral reef or freshwater aquariums. Log as many as you want along with livestock, equipment, parameters, maintenance, dosing etc. Link multiple photos to your aquarium, fish or coral and track growth. You can log any and all parameters that I have found test kits for. If there are other parameters you want to log just email me a feature request. You can backup your data to the SD card and restore it as well.

  • My Reef Buddy
    Platform: Android     Cost: Free      Demo: N/A
    My Reef Buddy looks to be your helping hand with your saltwater fish tank. Weather you have a fish only aquarium or a full saltwater reef you will find My Reef Buddy helpful. Search for information on fish, corals, and inverts easily. Local Saltwater Fish Store Finder based on GPS with Google Maps. Add tank reminders to Google Calendar such as water changes, feeding, testing levels, change GFO, plus more. Ever been at the LFS or somewhere and need to know if a fish will work with your system? Now its easy to look it up and not waste money.

  • Nativnux Aquarium Logger
    Platform: Android     Cost: Free      Demo: N/A
    Tired of keeping a log book on your aquariums? This application is an electronic version of a log book. It helps you keep track of all measurements and observations and it makes it easy to check on the history of your aquarium. There's no predefined set of measurements, you are in control of all these types of actions. The application comes preinstalled with a basic set of actions, but you can edit, delete and add new ones. For example, it is not uncommon to have various sets of Calcium measurements kits (Sera, or Hanna, etc ...) thus you can add both of them and input values depending on which one you use. With a quick glance you have access to the history of your aquarium which helps planing ahead or determining whatever you need to do.

  • Reef Tank Pro
    Platform: iPhone & iPad      Cost: $4.99      Demo: N/A
    There’s plenty of online tank loggers but Reef Tank Pro is one of the first polished apps we’ve seen for the iPhone and iPad which is especially well suited to monitoring reef aquarium parameters. If you have just one tank to log and monitor you can use the Reef Tank Pro app for a personal log of what your reef baby is doing, but you can also keep tabs on multiple tanks. We can see the multiple tank-logging feature being especially useful to aquarium professionals; public aquariums, aquarium service techs and LFS who want to keep tabs of the various tanks they manage can have all the stats on their iPhone or iPad in order to stay intimately in touch with the aquariums they maintain.

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  • Aquaticlog
    Platform: Web-Based       Cost: Free      Demo: N/A
    Aquaticlog is a free, simple logging and scheduling website that allows members to keep track of their aquarium's inventory, activities and measurements as well as share this information with other hobbyists. We say simple not in a bad way. In fact, simplicity is the beauty of Aquaticlog.com's design. The website is both extremely intuitive to read and use, which ultimately means a greater chance members will continue to maintain basic records and schedules.

  • Easy Aquarium Manager
    Platform: Web-Based       Cost: Free      Demo: N/A
    Easy Aquarium manager is a completely free application designed for aquarists of all levels of experience with a place to log everything about the water quality of your tank and keep track of all your expenses related to the hobby. You can also see other aquarists' tanks and compare things such as water quality and types of inhabitants.

  • Tankkeeper
    Platform: Web-Based       Cost: Free      Demo: N/A
    Tankkeeper is a free, easy to use aquarium software solution for keeping a healthy aquarium. It features easy to use forms and can be accessed from anywhere. You can also track your spending, track & Monitor Water Quality, and view charts to monitor stability.

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  • Aqua Real 2
    Platform: Windows 98 and above      Cost: $19.95      Demo: Demo download available
    Experience ocean life like you've never seen before. Aqua Real 2 is a new ocean simulation program that transports people deep below the ocean surface. Through the magic of the Digifish 3D Engine, you will swim with some of the planet's most gorgeous and colorful creatures. The window you open extends from your desktop to an open ocean with no end. Presented to you is not simply arrays of illuminating bright dots, but rather, you would see Palette surgeonfish and Pennant coral fish staring back at you fearlessly under your curious gaze.

  • DigiFish Clownfish
    Platform: Windows 98 and above      Cost: $19.95      Demo: Demo download available
    This application presents a lively and immersive view of the inhabitants of the blue coral reef – clownfish and sea anemones interacting realistically with each other via ecological simulation software. This software creates astonishingly lifelike virtual sea anemones and clownfish. These coral reef inhabitants are set against the most realistic virtual tropical fish aquarium in the world to bring a perfect image to your computer screen.

  • DigiFish Dolphin
    Platform: Windows 98 and above      Cost: $19.95      Demo: Demo download available
    Longing for an unrestricted, carefree feeling in the open ocean? Imagine yourself immersed in the ocean, sunlight penetrating down from the ocean surface, green turtles cruising around freely, schools of fish swimming past and the adorable dolphin call you from afar. You can find this carefree world by putting yourself into the DigiFish Dolphin world. You can even rotate the 3D camera and interact with the dolphins on the screen.

  • DigiFish Seahorse
    Platform: Windows 98 and above      Cost: $19.95      Demo: Demo download available
    With DigiFish Seahorse, you will be able to witness the marvel of nature with ease without having to acquire sophisticated devices or costly aquarium equipment and without hurting any natural lives. DigiFish Seahorse features full 3D objects, environments and creature simulation systems to present the fascinating sides of more than ten different types of seahorses right before your eyes. With DigiFish Seahorse, you can marvel at the stunning visual experience with the realistically rendered seahorses and how they vibrate their back fins to move around or linger on coral reefs. DigiFish Seahorse will offer a brand new experience unlike anything you have seen before.

  • Dream Aquarium
    Platform: Windows, Mac OS X      Cost: $19.95      Demo: Demo download available
    Dream Aquarium is a next-generation virtual aquarium & screensaver that brings the beauty of lush freshwater aquariums to your computer with unsurpassed realism. It features amazingly realistic behavior and motion of virtual inhabitants. These are not real fish! They are 100% computer generated fish doing everything that real ones do - pecking at objects in the tank, eating food, pooping, chasing each other, swimming amongst the plants, hanging out in schools and enjoying life!

  • Marine Aquarium Deluxe
    Platform: Windows, Mac OS X      Cost: $19.95      Demo: Demo download available
    Immerse yourself in a stunningly realistic fish tank right on your computer desktop. Customize your aquarium with a wide variety of fish and be captivated by their life-like behavior as they swim through a 3D coral reef. Marine Aquarium delivers a mesmerizing, high-definition experience.

  • SereneScreen Marine Aquarium
    Platform: Windows XP and above, Mac OS X      Cost: $19.95      Demo: Demo download available
    You've seen aquarium programs before, but the realism of Marine Aquarium has led to over 20 million downloads, as well as regular appearances in movies, and on television. This new version adds support for High Definition widescreen 3D displays, an optional clock, calendar, and logo etched crystal, as well as a Music Playlist feature.

  • Sim Aquarium
    Platform: Windows XP and above, Phone & Tablets      Cost: $19.95      Demo: Demo download available
    Experience the most realistic coral reef you'll find without having to purchase an actual aquarium. Sim Aquarium lets you choose among two intricately detailed 3D coral reef scenes and one special scene with close-up of a sea anemone hosting clownfish. You can populate your aquarium with up to 100 fish from the selection of 30 highly detailed species of fish with complex swimming behaviors and artificial intelligence. Using your mouse pointer, you can play with your fish pets and touch them by their tails or noses. They will stop to inspect or dart away into safety. You can also feed the fish, but unlike the real fish, they wont turn upside down and float up if you don't feed them.

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