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Space Reviews

Here on our Space Reviews page, you can find detailed reviews cool space-related media products such as music, video, books, and computer software. Each product featured in this section has been fully reviewed and is recommended by Sea and Sky. Just click on the links below to read the entire full-page review for each exciting product.

The New Solar System: Ice Worlds, Moons, and Planets RedefinedThe New Solar System:
Ice Worlds, Moons, and Planets Redefined

Book Review Posted 1-12-10
The High Frontier comes into sharp, up-to-date and timely focus as we celebrate the International Year of Astronomy and the 400th anniversary of Galileo's use of the telescope, as well as NASA'a first half-century. Gazing outward to exciting new interplanetary possibilities, astronomy author Patricia Daniels, with contributions by former editor of Astronomy magazine Robert Burnham, presents an easy-to-use, visually stunning and solidly reliable reference.
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Planetology: Unlocking the Secrets of the Solar SystemPlanetology: Unlocking the Secrets of the Solar System
Book Review Posted 2-4-09
In a stunning and completely new view of the solar system, an astronaut and a geologist team up to investigate, through parallel views made possible by cutting-edge space technology, how the earth itself can help science unravel the mysteries of the heavens. Noted planetary geologist Ellen Stofan and veteran astronaut Tom Jones pair images of Earth—many captured by space shuttle and space station crewmembers—with astonishing scenes of alien surfaces beamed home by NASA's far-ranging robotic probes.
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Hubble: Imagining Space and TimeHubble: Imagining Space and Time
Book Review Posted 2-4-09
This large-format, full-color volume stands alone in revealing more than 200 of the most spectacular images from the Hubble Space Telescope during its lifetime, to the very eve of the 2008 final shuttle mission to the telescope. Written by two of the world's foremost authorities on space history, Hubble: Imaging Space and Time illuminates the solar system's workings, the expansion of the universe, the birth and death of stars, the formation of planetary nebulae, the dynamics of galaxies, and the mysterious force known as "dark energy."
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The Science Book: Everything You Need to Know About the World and How It WorksThe Science Book
Everything You Need to Know About the World and How It Works

Book Review Posted 2-4-09
A delight for the casual reader, yet so complete and wide-ranging that science buffs and students will welcome it, The Science Book encapsulates centuries of scientific thought in one richly illustrated volume. Natural phenomena, revolutionary inventions, and the most up-to-date investigations are explained in detailed text, and 2,000 vivid illustrations—including 3-D graphics and pictograms—make the information even more accessible and amazing to discover.
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