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Oceans of Wonder

Oceans of Wonder CD

Format: Compact Disk, 1-Disk

Artist: Jazzlevision

Label: CD Baby

Release Date: December 13, 2007

Running Time: 36:48

List Price: $15.95 (Buy From Amazon and Save)

Oceans of Wonder is a new music album produced by Jazzlevision, an independent production company that specializes in educational multimedia products. Their goal is to provide innovative audio and video products that stimulate the mind and promote emotions and engagement. The songs in this set were written by Leslie Beth, whose work has been nominated for major songwriting awards. These songs are so well written that they can be used for both entertainment and education. Educators will love Oceans of Wonder as a tool to create higher levels of interest and provide a change of pace from more intense activities. The CDs are packaged in an attractive, clear jewel case with a fold-over center tray to securely hold the disk.

This disk contains 11 tracks with over 36 minutes of original songs about life in the depths of the oceans. This is a quality production featuring the full musical sounds of keyboard, live acoustic guitar, drums, strings and bass. The songs range from Pop to Rock, R&B, Dance and cool Rap, then back again. You will be sure to find something to suit all tastes and moods. Song titles include Oceans of Wonder, The Anemone Way, Dolphin Swimming Free, Manatee, I'm a Sea Lion, Sea Otter Rap, Tiny Turtle, While Watching Whales, Amazing Sea Dragons, GentleRays, and Let Me Go. Although these songs were originally designed with children from kindergarten to sixth grade in mind, I can assure you that the high production values and imaginative writing will appeal to people of all ages. I even found myself tapping my foot along with a few of these catchy tunes. If your little ones are interested in ocean life, then this album is sure to be a big hit for the entire family.

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