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Astronomy Suppliers and Vendors

Finding the right equipment for the astronomy hobby can be difficult if you don't know where to look. Many smaller towns and cities do not stock or sell astronomy supplies. While some hobby stores may carry entry level telescopes, those seeking more advanced equipment must look elsewhere.

This page contains links to sites that provide astronomy supplies and services useful to the astronomy hobbyist. These links are provided as an informational service only. Sea and Sky does not necessarily endorse these products and services.

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  • Celestron International
    Manufacturer of high quality telescopes, binoculars, and other optical instruments.

  • Daystar Solar Filters
    Maker of high quality hydrogen alpha solar filters for a number of telescope models and manufacturers.

  • Meade Instruments Corporation
    Manufacturer astronomical telescopes, CCD cameras, spotting scopes, binoculars, microscopes, eyepieces, telescope accessories, and astronomical software.

  • Observa-Dome Laboratories, Inc
    World's leading manufacturer of Observatory Domes, Missile Tracking, and Laser Ranging Shelters.

  • Obsession Telescopes
    Maker of large aperture Dobsonian telescopes for observers that want the best.

  • Parallax Instruments
    Manufacturer of precision Newtonian and Classical Cassegrain astronomical telescopes, German equatorial mountings, tripods, and custom portable or permanent observatory welded steel piers.

  • Protostar Astronomy Products
    Maker of a high quality line of diagonal mount assemblies and secondary mirrors for use in small, medium, and large amateur telescopes.

  • Software Bisque
    Makers of astronomy hardware and software for CCD astronomy, computer controlled telescopes, and remotely operated telescopes.

  • Tele Vue Optics
    Maker of quality telescopes, eyepieces, accessories and more.

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