Mir was a space station that operated in low Earth orbit from 1986 to 2001. It was initially owned and operated by the Soviet Union and then later by Russia. It was the successor to the Salyut program which operated 6 smaller stations over a period of 15 years from 1971 to 1986. Mir was the first modular space station to be assembled in orbit. A total of 7 modules were required to complete the station. The first module was placed into orbit in 1986 and the station was completed in 1996. Mir held the record for the largest artificial satellite orbiting the Earth until the International Space Station was completed. Crews were carried to and from the Mir station aboard Soyuz spacecraft. During the later years of the project, Mir was visited by a number of US Space Shuttles. Shuttle Discovery was the first to visit the station during mission STS-63 in 1995. A total of 11 Space Shuttle missions visited the station during the Shuttle-Mir program. Soyuz mission TM-30 was the last spacecraft to visit the station on April 4, 2000. Funding to keep the aging station operational was running out. After 15 years in orbit, Mir was deorbited on March 23, 2001. The majority of the station's fragments crashed into the Pacific ocean. However, one small piece of the station was recovered near the city of Boston.

Suoyz TM-3 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-5 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-6 Mission Patch

Soyuz T-3

Launch: July 22, 1987

Soyuz TM-5

Launch: June 7, 1988

Soyuz TM-6

Launch: August 29, 1988
Suoyz TM-7 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-8 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-10 Mission Patch

Soyuz TM-7

Launch: November 26, 1988

Soyuz TM-8

Launch: September 5, 1989

Soyuz TM-11

Launch: December 2, 1990
Suoyz TM-12 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-12 Juno Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-13 Mission Patch

Soyuz TM-12

Launch: May 18, 1991

Soyuz TM-12 Juno

Launch: May 18, 1991

Soyuz TM-13

Launch: October 2, 1991
Suoyz TM-14 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-15 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-16 Mission Patch

Soyuz TM-14

Launch: March 17, 1992

Soyuz TM-15

Launch: July 27, 1992

Soyuz TM-16

Launch: January 24, 1993
Suoyz TM-17 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-18 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-19 Mission Patch

Soyuz TM-17

Launch: July 1, 1993

Soyuz TM-18

Launch: January 8, 1994

Soyuz TM-19

Launch: July 1, 1994
Suoyz TM-20 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-21 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-22 Mission Patch

Soyuz TM-20

Launch: October 3, 1994

Soyuz TM-21

Launch: March 14, 1995

Soyuz TM-22

Launch: February 29, 1996
Suoyz TM-23 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-24 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-25 Mission Patch

Soyuz TM-23

Launch: February 21, 1996

Soyuz TM-24

Launch: August 17, 1996

Soyuz TM-25

Launch: February 10, 1997
Suoyz TM-26 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-27 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-28 Mission Patch

Soyuz TM-26

Launch: August 5, 1997

Soyuz TM-27

Launch: January 29, 1998

Soyuz TM-28

Launch: August 13, 1998
Suoyz TM-29 Mission Patch
Suoyz TM-30 Mission Patch

Soyuz TM-29

Launch: February 20, 1999

Soyuz TM-30

Launch: April 4, 2000