With the retirement of the Space Shuttle program, a new initiative was started to entice private companies to invest in space travel. Several companies accepted the challenge and began to develop vehicles to ferry supplies and experiments to the International Space Station. SpaceX was the first to successfully launch a spacecraft into orbit. Founded by famed billioniare businnessman Elon Musk, SpaceX developed the Falcon 9 rocket and the Dragon capsule for ISS resupply missions. Orbital Sciences Corporation, now known as Orbital ATK, was next to send a mission to the ISS. Commercial spaceflight is poised to soon overtake NASA in the race for space. Several companies are competing to develop spacecraft for Earth orbit and beyond. Billionaire RIchard Branson of Virgin Galactic hopes to soon make space tourism a reality and is currently developing spacecraft to take paying passengers into low Earth orbit. SpaceX is developing a giant rocket ship that will rival the Apollo Staurn V and has announced their plans to establish a human colony on the planet Mars.

SpaceX Iridium-8 Mission Patch
SpaceX Nusantara Satu Mission Patch
SpaceX Crew Demo 1 Mission Patch

SpaceX Iridium-8

January 11, 2019

SpaceX Nusantara Satu

February 22, 2019

SpaceX Crew Demo 1

March 2, 2019
SpaceX Arabsat-6A Mission Patch
SpaceX CRS-17 Mission Patch
SpaceX RADARSAT Constellation Mission Patch

SpaceX Arabsat-6A

April 11, 2019

SpaceX CRS-17

May 4, 2019

SpaceX RADARSAT Constellation

June 12, 2019
SpaceX Space Test Program Flight 2 (STP-2) Mission Patch
SpaceX CRS-18 Mission Patch
SpaceX AMOS-17 Mission Patch

SpaceX Space Test Program
Flight 2 (STP-2)

June 25, 2019

SpaceX CRS-18

July 25, 2019

SpaceX AMOS-17

August 6, 2019
SpaceX Starkink Mission Patch
SpaceX CRS-19 Mission Patch
SpaceX JCSAT-18 Mission Patch

SpaceX Starkink 1

November 11, 2019

SpaceX CRS-19

December 5, 2019

SpaceX JCSAT-18

December 17, 2019
Crew Dragon Mission Patch
SpaceX CRS-20 Mission Patch
SpaceX Crew Demo 2 Mission Patch

Crew Dragon
In-Flight Abort Test

January 19, 2020

SpaceX CRS-20

March 7, 2020

SpaceX Crew Demo 2

May 30, 2020
SpaceX Crew 1 Mission Insignia
SpaceX CRS-21 Mission Patch
SpaceX Crew 2 Mission Patch

SpaceX Crew 1

November 16, 2020

SpaceX CRS-21

December 6, 2020

SpaceX Crew 2

Aprl 23, 2021
SpaceX CRS-22 Mission Patch
SpaceX CRS-23 Mission Patch
Inspiration 4 NASA Mission Patch

SpaceX CRS-22

June 3, 2021

SpaceX CRS-23

August 29, 2021

Inspiration 4 (NASA)

September 16, 2021
Inspiration 4 SpaceX Mission Patch
SpaceX Crew 3 Mission Insignia
SpaceX CRS-24 Mission Insignia

Inspiration 4 (SpaceX)

September 16, 2021

SpaceX Crew 3

November 11, 2021

SpaceX CRS-24

Launch: December 21, 2021
SpaceX Crew 4 Mission Insignia
SpaceX CRS-25 Mission Insignia
SpaceX Crew 5 Mission Insignia

SpaceX Crew 4

April 27, 2022, 2022

SpaceX CRS-25

July 15, 2022

SpaceX Crew 5

October 5, 2022
SpaceX CRS-26 Mission Insignia
SpaceX Crew 6 Mission Insignia

SpaceX CRS-26

November 26, 2022

CpaceX Crew 6

March 2, 2023