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Space Exploration Crossword

You must have a Java plugin installed and enabled to be able to use this interactive crossword puzzle. (If you already have Java installed, it may be disabled.)

Some computers and web browsers do not come with Java pre-installed. You can get the Java plugin at the official Java website.

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This game requires a Java Browser Plugin. This crossword puzzle contains terms associated with space exploration. All of the answers can be found on this Web site. Click on the game screen to begin. Click on a square to get a hint for the word that appears on that row or column. Clicking "Check Puzzle" will check your answers and display wrong letters in red. You can click "Solve" in the hint box to reveal the word if you are unable to figure it out. If part of the puzzle fails to display properly, simply click your browser's reload button to reload it. This crossword puzzle was created with Eclipse Crossword. Be sure to check out the other free online games at Sea and Sky.