Project Apollo was America's third manned space program. It consisted of 12 manned mission from 1967 to 1972. The program began on a tragic note as a fire claimed the lives of 3 astronauts during a pre-launch test of the Apollo 1 spacecraft on the launch pad. Apollo 8 became the first manned flight to the Moon. The highlight of the program was the historic Moon landing of Apollo 11. On July 21, 1969, the entire world watched as Astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first person to step onto the surface of the Moon. Tragedy struck again nearly a year later as an oxygen tank explosion crippled the spacecraft. Fortunately the crew survived and returned safely to Earth, but their Moon landing has to be sacrificed. A total of 6 missions landed successfully on the Moon, ending with Apollo 17 on December 11, 1972. A few years later, an Apollo launch vehicle was used for the historic docking of an American and Russian spacecraft during the Apollo-Soyuz mission. The Apollo program was an incredible success for the American space program, bringing us one step close to exploring the planets.

Apollo 1 Mission Patch
Apollo 7 Mission Patch
Apollo 8 Mission Patch

Apollo 1

Spacecraft Malfunction
January 27, 1967

Apollo 7

Launch: October 11, 1968

Apollo 8

Launch: December 21, 1968
Apollo 9 Mission Patch
Apollo 10 Mission Patch
Apollo 11 Mission Patch

Apollo 9

Launch: March 3, 1969

Apollo 10

Launch: May 18, 1969

Apollo 11

Launch: July 16, 1969
Apollo 12 Mission Patch
Apollo 13 Mission Patch
Apollo 14 Mission Patch

Apollo 12

Launch: November 14, 1969

Apollo 13

Launch: April 11, 1970

Apollo 14

Launch: January 31, 1971
STS-112 Mission Patch
Apollo 16 Mission Patch
Apollo 17 Mission Patch

Apollo 15

Launch: July 26, 1971

Apollo 16

Launch: April 16, 1972

Apollo 17

Launch: December 7, 1972
Apollo Program Insignia
Apollo Soyuz 1 Mission Patch
Apollo Soyuz Program Insignia

Project Apollo

Program Insignia

Apollo-Soyuz 1

Launch: July 15, 1975


Program Insignia